Friday, May 13, 2016

New Goals

Tessa and I are going to be trialing this weekend, provided it doesn't thunder.

It was fun to ride the wave of "We got our C-ATCH" excitement for two weeks, but now I am really ready to get back to normal with my girl in the sport that she and I enjoy so much together.

So . . . new goals!  Tessa and I would not be who we are if we weren't working toward something!  It will never be quite the same as our journey toward our "lifetime goal", but still . . . we need a direction and something to work toward.

In addition to Standard Agility in CPE, there are six categories of games: Fullhouse, Jumpers, Wildcard, Colors, Snooker, and Wildcard.

It is possible, once in Level 5, to earn a Championship title in each individual category.  This is actually independent of the C-ATCH title, and so the Q's that we got toward our C-ATCH actually count toward the individual level Championships, as well!  So, we are actually already on our way to earning all seven!

And that is going to be our goal.  We are going to see if we can earn all seven individual level Championships!  It requires 15 Q's at each game.  Currently we have: 11 toward Standard, 9 toward Colors, 6 toward Jumpers, and 5 each toward Wildcard, Snooker, Jackpot, and Fullhouse.

For a while I am just going to enter classes that I feel like entering, and focus on having fun with Tessa in the ring.  As we start to naturally get close to one or two of those titles, we will dig in and really start to work toward them!

Tessa and I are ready and it is going to be fun!

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