Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Break from Blogging

I didn't really mean to take a summer break from blogging, but it ended up happening.

I look back now and I know that losing Sammie and Speedy let me completely and utterly reeling.  When it came to anything regarding dogs, I was going through the motions as best I could, but I don't even think I did much of a job of that.

But things have changed.  Gradually, step by step, things have gotten better and are falling back into place now.

In large part I have Bandit to thank for that.

It has been beyond amazing to watch him grow.  And over these last months he has really found his way into my heart.  At first it was very difficult starting over with him, but now it is coming to be more and more of a joy.

And, of course, Dean Dog and Tessa have been a great comfort.  I felt very disconnected from them for a time, but that has been rectified and we are doing very well now.

I am training again, teaching online classes again, competing again, hiking again, and I have a lot of very real plans for all three dogs.

And I mean to get back to blogging again . . . .