Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Summertime!!!

Dance Into Spring!

I have wanted to jump back into the Dogs Can Dance Challenge for a while now.  My last entries were a couple of videos that I had of Speedy that I entered in the spring event last year.  I had filmed nothing new for the Challenge since the last time Speedy and I filmed.

So, it was time to get going again!!  Over the winter Dean and I took "From Dream to Dance" with Judy Gamet to get a routine put together.  I can't say it is the best routine I have ever created, but it's pretty good, and Dean enjoys performing it, which is what counts the most!

It wasn't quite finished when Dean and I filmed.  In fact, we tried filming once and didn't get a take!  Then we filmed again and got a take.  Dean did a really good job, and I decided to submit it in the "Dance into Spring" event!

I really expected a low score and comments that would effectively say, "that is not up to par!"  I kept thinking that the judges (or at least some of them) would remember the work I did with Speedy and say that Dean and I were lacking that level of . . . whatever Speedy and I had.

Well, we got our results yesterday, and I was absolutely delighted with the comments that we got.  They were far more positive than I ever could have expected!

First of all, here is our performance!

Dean dog is my big sweet boy and that really came through in this performance!

Some of the comments we got . . .

"I think Dean Dog does well to the beat and it was a wise music choice."

"This is a team… lots of love and respect and happiness to work together"  (Along with a NINE as our teamwork score!!!!!)

"There were a few places in the routine where he was not in position.  However, he is well trained and smart because there were also a couple of places where he anticipated the next change of position before you signaled it . . .

Please refer to my response for number 3.  When a dog anticipates its next move, it is because the team works well together.  The dog knows the handler's body language even before an obvious signal is given."

"You are a beautiful team with much enthusiasm and heart. It was pleasing watching you work together, thank you for that performance."

So, the judges saw a lot in our performance that I didn't.  But I see it now.

Oh, and our score was 136!!  That is a very good score!  You only need 100 to earn the level!

I really needed a good experience like this with Freestyle, and I am pleased as can be that the judges enjoyed watching Dean perform!

They also offered very good quality and do-able suggestions for improvement!  I appreciate that.

I am very excited now to improve this routine and to video it again in June.  I think Dean and I have a bright future in the Dogs Can Dance Challenge.  I think now I will be able to really focus on bringing out the best in Dean Dog and not be concerned about living up to what Speedy and I did before.

It feels good to feel good about Freestyle again!