Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Walking Club 2.0

Yesterday I took Tessa and Bandit hiking at Kings Gap State Park.  I have taken the two of them out walking many, many times but somehow yesterday was different.

I have struggled with hiking with the two of them.  It always brings back memories of so many hikes that I took with Tessa and Speedy, aka - the Walking Club!  It was always so peaceful walking with the two of them.  They were like two peas on a pod, usually keeping pace with each other, meandering along companionably.

Walking with Bandit and Tessa has always led to me missing Speedy and wishing that he were there with us.  It always seemed wrong to be out in the woods with Bandit and Tessa instead of Tessa and Speedy.

But something has changed.  Yesterday was different.  For the first time it just felt right to be out hiking with the two of them.

Maybe it is because Bandit is maturing.  He and Tessa are becoming a much more appropriately matched pair.  The two of them seem to think that sniffing the same spot of ground, as we walk along together, is quite sporting!

So, Bandit, Tessa, and I are now officially Walking Club 2.0!

I am looking forward to taking the two of them around together more this summer.  I would like to take them up on the Watershed Trail sometime soon, and to the Nature Trail at Colonel Denning State Park.

Fun times ahead!

It's a beautiful day.  Can we go hiking now?

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