Monday, November 19, 2012

Dean's Rally Future

I really was intending to quit Rally with Dean after earning our ARCH.  At least, I was going to quit live competition and APDT.  I always intended, and still intend, to take him through all 5 levels of Cyber Rally.

The ARCH was one of the ones that got away from Speedy and me and it really was my only Rally goal with Dean.

But . . . . the effect that going to that trial had on him is making me think again.  He and I totally re-bonded after that trial.  He has been my buddy ever since.  He is snuggling with me every morning, following me around the house more.  In a way he and I haven't been like this since Tessa and I got into training together.  It's not that I've neglected him or anything.  We play every day, and he still gets training sessions, and he goes to Agility.  But something about this was apparently different.  It must have been something that he and I both missed.

I was going to walk away because she wants competition more than he does.  But if it was a positive enough experience for him that he and I have been that much closer since the trial, maybe the time to stop has not yet come.

Trialing live with Dean is a challenge, but again and again and again he and I have made it work.  We can keep on making it work as long as he likes!

So, Level 3.  Another title I've never earned.  Never even earned a Level 3 Q because Level 3 set Speedy absolutely wonky!!

In order to be able to do Level 3, Dean will need to learn the following:

  • Moving Stand Walk Around
  • Moving Stand Leave Dog
  • The down from a stand and then sit from the down at a distance
  • Moving backup in heel 3 steps 
  • Offset call over jump
  • Down on recall (which he can do in reverse, but that doesn't help us . . . )
  • Stand with Distraction
Also, we really need to shore up a few Level 2 Exercises:
  • Angled call to front from a distance
  • Moving Down Leave Dog (with no stop for me)
All very do-able.  He should be able to retrieve if we use a tennis ball, so I think we are good with just about everything else.

Kind of a fun challenge.  Maybe we will be ready in time for the Kamp Kitty trial in April.  We can shoot for it, anyway!  Dean should have plenty of time to finish this before the complete Cynosport takeover.  After that, we will just have to see what changes end up being made . . . .

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