Monday, November 19, 2012

Tessa, WFDX - MF

On the first Saturday of this month Tessa completed her Novice WCFO Freestyle title.  We had abandoned the Scottish routine that we were using over the summer, and we went back to Scorchio.  In order to up the technical level, I added in her pedestal (covered in sparkly purple fabric) so she could do her pivot moves.

I was hoping that we would do our best live competition performance, and we really did.  Tessa nailed most of the moves in the routine.  There was one section that kind of fell apart in the middle and she very obviously missed a jump at the end, but other than that, it really, really good!!

It scored higher than any competition performance we had done before with an 8.3 technical and 8.4 artistic!  That's not far off from what we need for Intermediate.

I am very pleased with our progress.  A year ago we didn't even have a routine and she knew very few moves.  Now she is proficient at several key moves, many more are coming along, and she just loves, loves, LOVES to perform!  Check out her adorable tail!

We also got a second place for the performance!

It was wonderful to spend the day with Tessa.  I still revel in the fact that she is a dog who can hang out in the building all day, in her crate, and she has her head to perform when it is time.  She doesn't care if dogs bark or pass close to her, she doesn't care if things bump or bang!  There was a young girl at the competition, maybe about 9 years old, and Tessa looked at her with some worry a few times, but once she figured out that the girl wasn't even going to look at her, she thought nothing more of it.

We went for many walks out in the beautiful fall day, and she accompanied me in the car when I went off site for lunch.

But most of the day was spent side by side, Tessa in her crate and me next to her, either on my chair or on the floor.

I love being able to watch the other competitors and really take in the whole experience.  Tessa seems to enjoy that, as well.  She actually watched a few of the routines!

It really was a perfect day.

Upon return home, of course, we did her traditional ribbon photo.

And what a way to finish out our very first competition year together!  Congratulations to . . .

Tessa, WFDX-MF, CL1, CRO-1, ITD

I am very much looking forward to the year to come.  Intermediate - we are SO going to conquer it together!!!

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