Friday, February 1, 2013

It's Been a While!

Yes, it has been a while since I've written.  I've been very busy with work obligations, teaching my online classes, going to training classes, etc.

So, a quick update on everyone!

I entered three routines in the Giving Thanks Event for the Dogs Can Dance Challenge in November.  Speedy was my MVP for the event, performing a Polka for Musical Interpretation, which we video'ed last summer, a version of Here Comes the Sun for Entertainment, which we video'ed in early fall, and a version of Reunion, which we video'ed the day after Thanksgiving.  That was a last minute entry.  Of the three, I liked Here Comes the Sun the best.  It was my first attempt at editing, and I think it went very well for a first try.  I also really liked the Polka.  It looks like Speedy is having a lot of fun.  I actually didn't care for this performance of Reuinion.  Speedy did a fantastic job, but I was a clodhopper.  I even dropped the leash a couple of times!  I submitted it because of Speedy's performance.  I doubt it will score 100, but I felt he should have the points for his efforts!!

Speedy also did his first ever Cyber Rally entry!  We had a lot of fun filming it, and he really seemed to enjoy the course.  We did about 4 takes, and ended up with one I could submit.  In spite of one little blip, it qualified!!!  Here is a video:

Speedy has been feeling pretty good.  His chiropractor recommended that I add some baking soda to his food because his kidney values had gone up quite a bit (still in the "early renal insufficiency" range, but getting close to the upper limits).  After two months of that, he is looking like a new dog.  His coat has regained it's shine, he has more energy, and his paws looking much, much better.

Here's hoping Speedy and I have lots and lots of time together!

Dean is, as always, an adorable goof!  He still loves to lay in the laundry basket!  He is really enjoying being one of my demo dogs for my online classes.  I haven't really gotten into preparing him for Level 3 Rally, and I really do need to get started on that.  He was signed up for two Agility trials this month, but I didn't make it to either (for non-dog reasons).

Tessa has a new venture that we are enjoying immensely!  We have started studying Rally Freestyle Elements (aka:  RallyFree).  It is a combination of Rally Obedience and Freestyle.  Tessa just thinks this is the most fun ever!

There is a trial here in Pennsylvania in late April and I am going to sign her (and Dean!) up!  I think that if we work really hard, which Tessa is always up for, we will be ready!

That's it in a nutshell!  I am hoping to get back to updating this blog more frequently now that the Christmas/Midterms craziness is over!

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