Monday, February 6, 2012

Noise Game

So, we started the noise bang game yesterday.  It went well.  I started out with the board on the carpet, so Tessa could get the hang of what she is supposed to do first.

She got it very quickly.  By the end of the session, she was very deliberately using her paw to move the board to the ground.  She even gave it a good "thunk" a few times.

One thing I'd like to try to do is add more fun to this game for her.  Get her interested in getting into it, before adding more noise.  I was using kibble to reinforce yesterday, but I might try some chicken or something next time and really get her chasing the tossed reinforcer.

After Tessa played, I gave Dean a turn.  I think it's very funny that he loves this game.  He even gets on the board and tips it.  He makes it "THUNK!  THUNK!  THUNK!!"  I'll have to try to get a video of him playing some time.

Ben let the dogs out of the bedroom before I was finished with Dean and Speedy even took a turn.  I don't remember ever playing this game with him, but maybe I did.  Or maybe, he just offered it because it seemed like a good thing to offer with a tipped board in front of him!!

I really need to do more shaping with Tessa.  Watching Speedy offer really makes me realize that she would have a lot more confidence if she had more shaping experience.  Maybe this is a good opportunity to do some of that with her.

I also started to make my skirt for Tessa's demo next Saturday.  I'm not sure how it is going to come out.  It's not a kilt per se, but it should suggest one.  I am really eager to see how she does with this demo!!

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