Sunday, February 5, 2012


After a very long time of things just moving along simply, Tessa and I have run into a couple of challenges.

As I mentioned after our tricks class last week, Tessa was nervous about the hoop because of the sound of the beans inside.

Then, in Agility on Thursday evening, she got nervous after hearing the sound of the teeter after the upside of it landed on the ground as she was running.  Interestingly, it is not the "bang" that got to her, but this kind of boinging sound that it makes after it has returned back to it's normal position.

This is very interesting because I am really seeing the difference between a noise phobic dog (Dean) and one who can be noise sensitive (Tessa).

This will not be a lifelong struggle for Tessa.  At some point she will habituate to this sound and take it in stride.  Getting used to the sound of different teeters at trials may take a bit of effort, but she will move past this.

I am planning to set up some exercises at home to introduce Tessa to the idea of making noise herself.  This is something I haven't really done with her because it hasn't been an issue.  I plan to start with something she can wobble with her paws and teach her to make noise with it on carpet.  Then we will move that to other surfaces.  And then I will introduce new sounds for her to make.

This will be a great addition to her confidence building regimen!!

As for the teeter, I know Tessa is going to be great at it in no time.  I might get our practice teeter out sometime to give her a chance to practice tipping and banging here.

It is good, in a way, to meet a training challenge.  Tessa and I both really enjoy working through them! 

Dean Dog posing next to the training apparatus that Tessa and I will use to start this game.  Dean knows this part!

Tessa watching me set up the board.  Not so sure what she thinks of this . . . !!!

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