Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tessa College Week 5

We had an excellent evening at "Tessa College" on Monday night!

It was dance night in tricks class, and Tessa enjoyed the heck out of it!

A lot of the dance moves were moves that she is already familiar with, like spins, circles, and leg weaves.  I really appreciated having a chance to work on those in a bigger space and to play around with them a bit.  I actually ended up tweaking our routine a bit more afterward.  Tessa is not ready to do the tight inside circles that I was planning, so I've taken those out for now.

One thing that really surprised me was that Tessa started making up moves on her own!  She has never done anything like that before and it shows that she really understood what we were doing and she wanted to add something to it.  I loved that!

Next week she is trying for her tricks title!

After tricks we went over to Agility.  I told our Monday night instructor about her teeter qualm, complete with lots of assurance that Tessa is not Dean and she will work through this.  She completely understood and I was glad for that!  She added a bit of padding so it wouldn't "boing" quite so much, and I worked with Tessa, tossing treats for her to chase as the teeter landed after she did it.  She did better with it this time.  I think she is already habituating to the sound, and maybe our at-home bang games are already helping.

This weekend I want to get my practice teeter out and have her do some work with that.  I suspect that if I actually do that and she gets the idea at home, she is going to be fine with it at class, "boing" and all!!

Beyond that, she did AWESOME in Agility class!  She is weaving on her own, even entries, and I absolutely love it!!  I've never had a dog that fluent on weaves!  She still needs to build a little more fluency, but she is getting there and she is already my best weaver!!

So, a good evening was had by both of us!  Lots of good progress.

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