Monday, March 3, 2014

Freestyle Plans

The time has come to really think about what Tessa and I are going to do in Freestyle this year.  We need to start putting together routines now so we can get any needed training complete on time to be ready for upcoming events.

I had pretty much made up my mind to hold off on Intermediate again and only prepare a Heelwork to Music routine (Novice) for the Star Spangled Swing at the end of June, and then try to get something together for Intermediate for Frackville in September.

But yesterday I got a facebook message from a Freestyle friend who said, "why don't we both get ready for Intermediate for June" and I was just like, "OK".  Why not?  Somehow it gives me extra motivation to know that two of us are kind of in this together.  We may try to get something ready and not have it there by that point, but what is the harm in trying?  If we need more time, we will really be set to be ready for September.

So, I am considering ideas.  I would like to put together both a Freestyle Intermediate routine for her, and a Novice Heelwork routine.  I think I have the Heelwork music chosen.  And maybe the Freestyle, too.

Last night in church an idea occurred to me.  Yeah, strange place to get an idea.  It is actually an idea that I came up with years ago for Dean, but never did with him.  I'm thinking that if I modify it a bit, it might work for Tessa.  And it might be just the thing for WCFO Intermediate . . .  And it might have been Divine guidance!!

Time to get this up and running . . .  Tessa and I are gonna DANCE!!!

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