Friday, February 28, 2014

Now Getting Excited!!

What I wrote yesterday - I really think I needed to just "get it out there".  My feelings on the matter have already changed a lot since I made that post!

Literally minutes after hitting "post", I got an email from the breeder with pictures of all five baby boys.  And at that moment, I started to find that excitement again.

They are so PRECIOUS!!!  And they are all very much individuals.  Can't really see anything of their personalities yet, but they all have their own look and you can just tell that someday soon who they are is going to start to shine through!!

I love to look at the pictures and wonder which one of them will come to be a part of our lives.  Who will he be?  What will I love about him?  What special place will he have?  What will his lessons be?

It is crazy to think that someday one of these little baby Border Collies who were literally born yesterday is going to have lessons and wisdom of his own to impart!

But first, lots of puppy fun!  And the joy of starting training right from the beginning!!

I still have some fear of the unknown, but I think that's normal.

It is such a contrast to my experience with Tessa.  She showed up unexpectedly, I didn't worry about who she was because she wasn't mine!  And then, by the time she was, I already had such a profound respect for her that we were well on our way to the relationship that we have now.  Yes, it took a lot of time, but there was never any concern over who she would be or how I would approach training with her.

Well, this baby boy will be who he is.  Someday I will look back on this and laugh, knowing the answers to these questions!

But what a cool experience!  I've never had this before.

With Sammie, Ben and I went to the SPCA, met a couple of dogs, chose Sammie, and adopted him.  With Speedy, Ben told me he wanted to visit a breeder, and off we went and came home with Speedy.  With Maddie, we found her on Petfinder, met her two days later, and brought her home.  And, of course, Tessa just showed up as a foster!

Dean was the only one with whom I had any time ahead to think, plan, and wonder.  I did have five dogs picked out to meet from the GHF website, and I had about a week to be in that place.

But this is altogether different!  Even with Dean, I was able to look at his picture and description on the site and know something about him!

I am just in a much better place with this today.  Definitely thinking of these five Border Collie boys and starting to feel some anticipation.  A summer of puppy fun . . . a welcome change from this winter that has been so incredibly sad.

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