Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Prep for World Wide Video Competition

In honor of the first anniversary of Rally FrEe, they are having a World Wide Video competition!  Courses have been posted and we are going to video on Friday.

Speedy will attempt the Alt-Novice course.  I'd love for him to finish the title, and he should be able to.

I have been up in the air about what to do with Dean and/or Tessa.

Dean is really not ready for Advanced and I don't want to fudge the exercises he doesn't do yet, so I am probably going to sit out with him.  Although, I am sort of thinking about doing the Intermediate course with him even though he has his title and doesn't really need another leg.

Tessa isn't really ready for the Intermediate course, but I am more inclined to give that a go with her.  I don't want to do video with her so much, but because of the nature of this event, I am thinking we will try it.

So, a crash course on laterals in front of me and back arounds off the right is in order!  We probably won't quite get it done, but we will have fun trying!

If Tessa did do the Intermediate course, she would title if she got the Q.  That would put her on track to be in Advanced at our competition in March.  I'm not sure if she could be ready for that, but I think it is reasonable to give it a shot.  On the other hand, if she does not Q, we would be in Intermediate in March and that would be OK.

Class went well last night.  Dean, who has been having to take it easy due to a muscle pull in his back leg, was absolutely thrilled to be in class working.  He did a beautiful job on the course, which was the World Wide Video Intermediate course.  He did struggle on the back around, and his front laterals aren't exactly straight.  He always leads his laterals with his rear end and he ended up moving it too far!  But overall he did a nice job.

Tessa was a little distracted by the floor, which is unusual for her.  But she worked through it and also did a very nice job.  Aside from the lateral in front and the back around off the right, she really did a fantastic job.  And those things aren't her fault - I simply haven't trained them yet.

As always, the two of them just loved being there and having the chance to work!


  1. My interest has been peaked. :) Would people like me with no experience or club affiliation be allowed to participate? If so, I would love to hear how. Cheers!

    Maybe email is best so I don't miss a reply. percipient@gmail.com

    1. Yeah, you would need to register with Rally FrEe!!

  2. I poked around and, unsurprisingly, I would have to register to compete. I'd love to see the course map and maybe the video you end up submitting. :)

    1. I will definitely post the video. I'll see if I can put the course map in a format I can share!