Monday, November 25, 2013


Often in a Rally FrEe live event, "Non-Titling" runs are offered where you can use food and train on the course.

Just for fun on Friday evening, Tessa and Speedy both had a "Non-Titling" run!!  This won't be submitted or anything - it was just for fun.

Here is Tessa's . . .

I was impressed with Tessa on this "non-titling" run.  I sure wish that 360 Right Pivot had been in the Intermediate course instead of the back around!

You can also see in this "run though" where our laterals are in-progress.

I love her attitude and it is always so much fun to be in the ring with her!

Speedy and I had fun, too.  I did modify some of the course for him.  He wasn't doing back under weaves, even with food on his nose!  He also got to leg weave, which is an extremely rare treat for him!

I very much look forward to doing more of this with Speedy once we get training on a regular basis again!  Just one more week!!

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