Friday, October 25, 2013

Dean's Big Day! (Part 2)

After Dean's Jumpers run I was ecstatic!  What we had out in that ring together - I have waited a very, very, very, very, very long time for that!

I was excited to go back into the ring with him to run Fullhouse.  He went in with the same attitude and we were ready to go!

Again, I made some handling errors.  I should have waited for him at the tunnel to create a clear line to the jump combo in the other corner.  I also should have taken him around the perimeter to the yellow curved tunnel instead of the straight one down the middle.

But, no matter!  He had the attitude I was hoping for, we had fun, and he actually did earn another Q!

I was especially pleased that he didn't seem to care at all about the buzzer.

In the years since we started, CPE Agility has become much more noise-phobic dog friendly.  There are very few whistles anymore.  The buzzers aren't very loud or sharp and Dean doesn't seem to care about them at all.  The teeters have gotten much quieter with a bit of rubber cushion where the teeter hits the floor.

After Dean, Tessa had a turn on the Fullhouse course.  Dean had run twice since her first run and she was full of attitude!  She ran the course like a little pro!  The run was flawless!!

The very last jump was a gift to her.  I saw that she wanted to take it, so I sent her over!

Love my girl!

Tessa walked away from the weekend with two Level 3 Q's.  Her final one needed in Jumpers and her second for Fullhouse.  One more Fullhouse and we will finish our first Level 3 Title!

Dean earned two Q's - Level 2 Jumpers and Level 2 Fullhouse.  And I guess Dean and I are back in the game.

We are competing tomorrow at Periland - in Standard!  I am going to see what Dean does with a teeter in competition!

Stay tuned!

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