Sunday, October 27, 2013

3rd Adoption Anniversary

Excerpt from an email dated 10/26/2010 to the director at Glen Highland Farm, for whom we were fostering Tessa (then called Sadie)

Subject:  Sadie

I was wondering if you might consider letting us adopt Sadie.

Honestly, I've had a very strong connection with her since the ride home the day I picked her up.  But over the last couple of weeks, that has only grown stronger.  I've known it would be tough to let her go, but now I honestly don't know how I could.

I was surprised that Ben would even consider it, but he actually suggested it to me before I suggested it to him.  He has grown quite attached to her, too.  She hasn't quite bonded with him as much as she has with me, but she does fine with him and I have no doubt that will come.

She fits in with everyone - even Speedy has not minded her in the least.  She often snuggles up to Maddie or Dean.  She doesn't bother Sammie, and she seems to understand Speedy just fine.  Outside Sadie follows Maddie everywhere she goes and the two of them have been very companionable. 

I don't know if she has the makings of a sport partner, but I would never push her beyond what she is comfortable doing.  Of course, I would train her, but I would let her lead the way - as I have with Speedy and Dean - as far as competition and so forth.  But I have to say it - she would make a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful little dancer!  That would take time to cultivate, but I can see her loving it once she gets there.  And watching her blossom into a confident dog is going to be one amazing ride.

We named her Tessa after Speedy's beautiful Border Collie mother, whose name was Tess.

On that first day I took her for a walk out on the road in front of the house - just the two of us.  And while that might sound just perfect . . . at that point Tessa was terrified to leave the safety of the house and yard!  She did not really enjoy that walk, except for the hot dog pieces that I gave her along the way!

But on that walk I promised her that I was going to do everything I could to show her that the world is a good place.  I hoped that a time would come when she would no longer cower when out and about in the world, but walk, head held high, enjoying the sights and sounds of every place we would explore.

Yesterday at Periland, Tessa had a great time running and she earned two Q's - one in Level 3 Standard and one in Level 3 Wildcard.  As always, she was fast, fun, and dependable out there.  But my favorite part of the day was walking with her and Dean on the grounds.  It was a beautiful day and we walked and they sniffed and explored and we all enjoyed being out there together.

Finding joy in life is Tessa's greatest accomplishment.

Some photos from our day yesterday . . .

Those hay bales that I love to see and photograph!!

Dean Dog checking on out a bit more closely!

Tessa was in a very playful mood as I tried to get them to pose for a photo!!  I think I actually like her version better!

Tessa . . . 

Enjoying the grounds . . . 

 Some indoor crate time.  They share a crate so nicely!

And last, but not least - Tessa's two runs . . . 

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Tessa!  Here's hoping we have many, many, many, many more to celebrate!

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