Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The urge to start over . . . .

It's back.  Something that I haven't experienced in several years . . . 

The urge to start over with a new dog.

Now, I have made a personal commitment to not add any more dogs to our household until Sammie and Speedy have passed.  So, I am hoping that will not be for several years.  So, what is this?  Why this sudden desire to go back, start from scratch, and begin from the beginning?

I think this happens when, for some reason, I am not satisfied with the way things are going with my current dogs.

I think Tessa and I are at the end of the honeymoon phase.  We have done all that we can do rather easily.  Now we are at the difficult part.  We need to train the precision.  We need to train some complex tricks.  We need to move to a level that I have never performed at.  I can see where I want us to go, and I know we can get there.  But there is so much to do that I barely know where to start.

Hence, I believe, the desire to go back to simpler times!

But this is Tessa's time.  I honestly believe that if I can't get where I want to go with this dog, I will never go there at all.  Sure, she has her challenges, but every dog has challenges.  And, really, she's about the most challenge-free dog I've ever worked with, in spite of where she started.

I think I need to set a goal, put the hand to the plow, and get working on something - anything!  I think that once she and I accomplish something new, something that she has never done, I will break out of this rut.  And the desire to start over will melt away.

I hope so, anyway.  That simply isn't happening any time soon!!


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