Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heeling Games - First Lesson

So, our Heeling Games class through the Denise Fenzi Dog Sport Academy has begun.  There has been just one lesson so far, and already it has made a really big impact.

I don't have any video to put up this time - hopefully next time.  But, basically we are putting three skills that Dean already knows together, one of them, obviously, being heeling.

Of course, Dean and I work everything on both the left and right sides.

It is interesting being an auditor.  Already I have had a couple of questions come up.  For instance, what do I do if Dean starts to anticipate being sent away from me to do something else?  Because I am a bronze level student, I can't ask questions, so I have to come up with the answers for myself.  And that's probably good for me.  In this case, be more variable about when I send him.  Don't make a pattern that will allow him to anticipate the send.

So far the three skills that we are using are things that Dean knows from Freestyle, Agility, and CU class!  But we have never put them together in quite this way before.  Dean has done three training sessions and he LOVES it.  He is going to eat this up!

I am very eager to see how this translates over into his Rally FrEe and Freestyle . . . . 

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