Friday, May 10, 2013

And In Agility . . .

We are officially working on sending to tunnels!

Last night at class we worked on some short and simple courses that had jumps, a tunnel, weaves, and a table.  Tessa did well with the sequences overall, but the time has really come to build reliable sends to the tunnels.

This is actually bit tricky.  In trials, where Tessa tends to be "up", she often does send to tunnels.  Sometimes she even runs off and grabs tunnels she shouldn't take!  But I won't consider her tunnel sends to be reliable until she can actually do them on cue in training situations, as well as competition.  And one of these days we are going to run into a distance gamble in Jackpot and I want Tessa to be ready for that!

We went back to square one with this.  I stood near a tunnel entrance and cued the tunnel with word and subtle arm/leg movement and then tossed a treat for her to chase as she came out.  Gradually I backed up.  I only got to a couple of feet before it fell apart, so this is absolutely something that we need to do some work on.

Time to get out my tunnel at home, rig up some weights, and do some tunnel training!!


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