Monday, March 4, 2013

Here Comes the Sun - the Video

Back on October 14th, I wrote up an entry about Speedy's Here Comes the Sun routine - a history and the latest news, that we had filmed a new version for the Dogs Can Dance Challenge to enter in the November Giving Thanks event.

Go here to read that entry:

Here Comes the Sun Post 

Well, at long last I have results, and I was absolutely thrilled with how this performance fared!

We scored 142 points - which is a really, really high score!!!  This finished the category, and the Title for our team!  And, it was the highest score of the event, so we won the Le La Ru Award for the second time ever.  It is actually a really big deal to me that this particular routine won us this honor again.

Anyway, here it is . . . Here Comes the Sun by Kristine and Speedy!!  I consider this a tribute to all of the years that he and I have lived and trained and danced together!

I'd like to share some of the judge's comments on this, too!!  Judge's comments are in bold.

"This was a fun dance, could almost see the sun rising.  The dog and handler were having a good time and so would an audience"

Yes, audiences really did enjoy this one!

"The dog was showcased nicely, showing his sparkle, movement, willingness, and friendship with his handler"

That is just such a nice comment!!  Speedy and I really do have something unique, and I'm glad that came through!

"The closing picture really showed the handler and dog's bond/connection.  The routine left me feeling happy and positive"

Can't ask for more than that!! 

"The overall performance was very pleasing"

I got constructive comments on the editing, too.  Overall, the judges felt it was good, but I need to smooth out some of the transitions.  I definitely concur.  While I feel that this was a good first attempt at editing, I know I have a good bit to learn about editing and it will take more practice before I really start to make nice edits.

Speedy and I have set out to learn much together over the years.  I am really glad that 11 years and 3 other dogs later, he and I are still starting out on new adventures.

I'd like to do another Entertainment routine with him this coming summer, and try my hand at planning and editing it better!

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