Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First Level 2 Title!!!

On Friday evening I took Tessa to Bella Vista to do CPE Agility.  We entered Day of Show since I had to miss the last two trials I had registered for, and I didn't want to chance weather again in February.

They were offering two rounds of Jumpers plus Fullhouse, and I elected just to enter the Jumpers.  If we were to qualify on both courses, we would earn our very first Level 2 Title - CL2-F!!

Tessa was excited to be there.  I love, love, LOVE her attitude!  She gets to a competition site, and she preens with her tail held high, eyes sparkling!  She was a little impatient - we had to wait quite a while for our turn since 3/4/5/C did both rounds of Jumpers first.

But finally it was our turn and Miss Tessa did not disappoint.  Her first run was flawless (alas, no video!).  I did find that I still babysit her just a little.  I really do need to develop more confidence running her.  But we have both come so far together.  A year ago we couldn't qualify to save our lives.  Now we are a team with a bit of experience!

She qualified and got first place!

Her second run went well - I felt that I handled her better.  But she did get tired about 2/3 of the way through. That was a lot of jumping in a short time.  Because of the rounds, and the fact that the 1/2 class was pretty small, there wasn't much of a break in between her runs.  She got distracted for a second by a ring crew member sitting on the side, but when I said her name, she snapped right back and finished nicely.

Another Q, another first place.  And our first ever Level 2 Title!!

She got the prettiest title ribbon ever!!!

Pink and purple - perfect for spring, and a very pretty girl!!

So, we now have:

Tessa CL1, CL2-F, WFDX - MF, ITD, CRO-1, and maybe DCD-Ent (still waiting on long overdue results)

I'm pretty darn proud of her.

I didn't take Dean, obviously.  I missed him in a way.  I would have liked to have run with him, and if he had been in the mood to run, he would have enjoyed those two courses.  

But I'll admit, it was nice not to be thinking of him out in the car all night.  Being able to share the whole experience with Tessa makes me realize that it's not worth bending over backwards to do this with Dean if he doesn't love it.

Maybe Rally FrEe will be different.  He got to try it last night!  He seemed slightly confused by it, but I do think he enjoyed it.  It didn't help that I have some experience and I'm used to a dog who is coming along.  I need to remember that he is just starting and he will need some things made more clear than Tessa does - for now.  He will catch up!

I am hopeful, though.  I think he really might enjoy it once he gets the hang of it.  Just two weeks until he starts for real!

I am very much looking forward to Westminster with Tessa in a month.  What a difference a year makes!

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