Thursday, February 7, 2013

Good Training Week

This has been a really good training week - at least for Tessa.  Dean and Speedy haven't really gotten to do anything since our training session earlier in the week, but Tessa got to go to Rally Free class on Monday, and she went to do demo's for the classes that I taught last night.  All very fruitful for her!

I discovered at class on Monday that Tessa now understands, and is coming to love, the leg weave!  I am glad about this.  She decidedly did not like leg weaves and it is something that I wanted her to enjoy doing.

Several weeks ago, our Rally Free instructor showed us how Julie Flannery advises teaching the single leg weave on the Rally Free DVD.  I did this with Tessa on and off for several weeks and now she is like, "I got it!!"  She's really funny.  When she leg weaves, she is just delighted with her new skill!!

Her bows are also coming along nicely.  She still needs a big physical cue, but she is starting to hold the position a bit before breaking it.

She enjoyed herself so much at class on Monday that when we got home, she was racing around the house and running up to me to offer puppy bows!

Unfortunately, we have to miss Agility class this evening because I have a meeting for work.  Dean is not going to be pleased, as Tessa has gotten to go out training twice this week, and he is not going to go at all!

This coming weekend, Tessa is attending a teeter workshop, and then she and Speedy are going down to Kamp Kitty to do a Freestyle demo at the annual fundraiser for canine cancer research.

I don't know exactly what I am going to do for the demo.  I'm thinking I will do a version of Scorchio for Tessa, since we haven't worked on anything new.  Speedy and I will likely improv to the Polka.

No news yet on results from the Giving Thanks DCD Challenge event.  I am dying to hear how we scored, but for right now, we wait . . .!!!

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