Friday, February 15, 2013

A Better Outlook . . .

I had a very brief opportunity this evening to do just a tiny bit of dancing with Dean at the training building.

He had a great time.  It was a real contrast to Agility class last night where he was decidedly uncomfortable.

We had a lot of fun whirling and gliding and spinning and pivoting to baroque music.

Maybe the time has come for Dean to do more Freestyle.  One thing that I have learned about Freestyle is that it is an art that a dog can really mature into.  Even though Speedy was more "flashy" when he was younger, with his Speed Weaves, and fancy prop work, he has become far more beautiful as he has gotten older.  He is more of an artist now than he has ever been.  He's 11 now.  In comparison, Dean is only 7.  Just in time to be getting started taking Freestyle more seriously.

Freestyle is another area where I feel like I never really tapped Dean's true potential.  But the difference is - we can do much, much more with Freestyle than we ever could with Agility.  No teeters, no whistles, and we don't even have to have a live audience!!

I'm feeling much better about things after doing some dancing with Dean tonight.  We reconnected, and I can see that there can still be quite a lot ahead for us.

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