Saturday, January 21, 2012

What I Love About Tessa . . .

. . . as my training and performance partner!

We were doodling a bit today with our music and some prop work.  She literally learned the trick of putting her paws up on the prop this past week and she already loves it!

In this video, we were experimenting a bit with a possible opening using this move.  I actually decided against using this as an opening, but I plan to put this in the routine, probably just after the opening.

The thing I love is that she doesn't quit.  A lot of dogs would avoid the pedestal after slipping off of it.  Tessa worked to find her footing.  Of course that isn't her actual prop and I will make sure she has good footing on the prop.  But I love seeing her refuse to quit at times like this!

Tessa works as hard to do her part as I work to do mine.  A rare and admirable quality in a dog!

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