Tuesday, January 24, 2012

She LOVES it!!

Tessa LOVES working on her routine!  Yesterday we took some time to work on it, with the music, and she was just glowing!

The routine is complete - I think.  I still need to walk it out in a large space to be sure.  Also, I need to cut the music.  I am going to cut about 20 more seconds out of it, then it should be just about right!

I am so glad that I am going to keep my promise to her!  Back in November when I had her in Innovations and I set her up in a sit before we began, I felt like we were about to perform a choreographed routine.  But there was no routine!!  We were just "doodling" to see if she would like performing in that setting, which she very much did!  I promised her that the next time we stepped into the performance ring together, we would have a routine.  And we will!

The routine is planned, the moves are trained, now to rehearse!

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