Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Creating the Routine

In some ways, Tessa's first routine is somewhat ambitious!! I am including a prop because I think one fits nicely with the song. To train her prop moves, I am using a NADAC hoop. I plan for her to start off sitting behind the hoop as Speedy is sitting here:

That is challenge #1. She's not afraid of it, exactly, but she's like "What are we doing this for? Why am I sitting here?" I kneel on the floor in front of her. The idea for the opening pose is that the prop (which will be a big yellow square) is like a "window" that we are looking at each other through. I haven't worked with her before with her in a sit kneeling in front of me, so we will isolate that a bit.

But for today, we played with the hoop. She was pretty happy with it. She learned to Figure 8 it, and to send out around it and then come back and weave under one of my legs. She had a good time with that!!

So, the routine is on it's way!

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