Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spins and Circles and Positions

Tonight we worked on our spins and circles and positions.

We started with position. Right now I'm using a PVC box to work on Tessa's stationary position. I would toss a treat and wait for her to come back and offer standing in the box, which she pretty much did right away, click/treat. The box was either in front of me, on my left, or on my right. Didn't use any words for today. Just let her offer. She enjoyed that!

Then we did spins/twirls. No more food lure for these! I'm using an open palm - both directions in front of me, spin in side, twirl in heel. She did better with the work on my sides today. I'm still using an open palm to guide her in a rather large circle, but once she gets the idea, I can tighten that up.

Finally, circles. The circle going counter clockwise around me is still brand new to her. I lured that a few times. The clockwise circle is getting really good!

She enjoyed the session. Can't wait until she starts to show some fluency on these!!

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