Sunday, October 21, 2012


There is enough information on the website now that folks can get all of the basic information that they need to sign up for the first class!  I have had one person tell me that the registration form is in the mail!  And I know of one other "definite".  I have also had about 6 inquiries with questions, so I am hopeful that I will have my target number of students - 4 - for the first class.

I know the timing of this one is rotten for most people, because of the holidays, so I am not expecting very many.  I am hoping that more will be interested in the dregs of January, after the holiday rush is over.  And, at that point I will have some feedback from students from the first class to share with interested folks in the future.

This is very exciting!  I have so many ideas for classes to come . . . .

This has been a very quiet weekend with the dogs.  I have three very busy weekends coming up.  Agility next weekend, Freestyle the following weekend, and then Rally the third weekend.  So, this weekend we are taking it easy.

Also, starting this week, all of the dogs will start their new jobs as my demo dogs for the online classes.  They are all going to have a blast.  They love making videos.

I am definitely excited about the weeks to come, including Tessa's official adoption day this coming Friday!


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