Saturday, August 24, 2013

Some old Speedy Images

These images were taken by me several years ago.  The effect was done in Photoshop!

Taking a jump . . . 

Profile . . .

Lifting a paw . . . 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Summary - Speedy

We had the best summer ever!  We trained!  We did video sports.  We just had a super nice time!

Speedy filmed for the DCD Challenge back in July.  We performed to a bluegrass piece that he picked out a while back.  I had planned to use his take for Musical Interpretation, but Dean did a stunning performance that I am using for MI, so I decided to hold Speedy's videos for another event.  But . . . at the last possible second - literally - I edited two of the takes together and submitted them for Entertainment.  We have our Entertainment title, so this submission is going toward our second one/second Championship!  I don't care if it doesn't score high.  I just wanted Speedy to be part of it.  When I say last second, I am serious.  I decided to do the edit around 11:30 PM and I finished and submitted it near 1:00 AM.  The submissions were due at midnight Pacific time, so we made it.  It was fun doing a last minute entry like that!

Speedy also did two Cyber Rally courses and earned his Level 1 Cyber Rally-O title!  That's extra special because Speedy was my first Rally dog.  Even though dancing is his love, he gets a kick out of Rally, and it was fun to do these videos for Cyber Rally.

Speedy's 3rd Cyber Rally Leg.

Speedy with his CRO-I Title Ribbon:

Speedy also took a spin in Rally FrEe!  Two friends and I did a video competition at the beginning of August and I ran Speedy in the Alternate Novice division.  In Alternate, you only need 100 points to qualify (as opposed to 125 in the regular division) and there are no leg weaves.

Leashes are permitted in Novice, but one of the three legs must be earned off leash.  I did try to run Speedy off leash, but he got to hyped up and I ended up running him on leash.  Three takes and he got one I could submit.  He did seem to struggle a bit with doing a structured course to music.  He seemed to want to GO!

But he pulled it off.  He earned a 127!

My friends and I had so much fun doing that video event that we decided to do another, and my final "summer fling" was this past Friday when we got together to video again.  This course consisted of mostly left side work, so I decided to try really hard to make this the one that Speedy would do off leash.  After a couple of unsuccessful tries, we had him do it without music, and this time he kept it together and did a really nice job.

This is currently unjudged - I won't have a score for two weeks - but this was his submission to try for his second leg:

He really, really struggles on the right side, but he pulled it off and I'm proud of him!

I think that if this had been around when he was young and in training, he would have really enjoyed it.  But I'm glad he is having a chance to try it out now!

If he earns this second leg, we will have to find a way to squeeze in one more event.  Luckily next time (if this qualifies), we can use a leash!

Speedy also enjoyed making videos for the online classes ta I was teaching.  He got to demo a lot for my Intro to Rally class and a good bit for Poised for Performance!

Add to that our beach trip and lots of quality hang out time, and Speedy had just about the perfect summer!