Sunday, June 23, 2019

Three YouTube Channels!

A big part of the reason why I rarely write blog posts anymore is because I have gravitated much more to creating video.

I have three YouTube Channels and I would like to tell you about them!

The first is the one that I post to the least.  That is my personal YouTube Channel where I post personal videos.

This is where I post my entries, and most of the public videos on this channel are Parkour entries and video Freestyle entries.

There are some older training videos on this channel, but the majority of the recent videos are entries.

This channel can be found here:

Kristine's Personal YouTube Channel


The next is probably my favorite: my general Poised for Success Channel.  I post my "fun" training videos on this channel, there are examples of Parkour and Freestyle training on this channel, and other random training videos live on this channel.

It is a bit disorganized, but most of the videos on this channel are short and to the point!  If you would like to check out an eclectic mix of training, demonstration, and even a bit of nonsense, be sure to take a look at this one!

This channel can be found here:

Kristine PFS - My General Training Channel

Finally, the one I am most excited about: the Poised for Success Freestyle Titling Program YouTube Channel!  This is the most organized and developed of the three channels.

On this Channel I post longer videos where I discuss different aspects of the Poised for Success Freestyle Titling program, Freestyle training topics, general training topics, and more!  Eventually, I hope to have full-length Freestyle demonstrations on this channel, as well!

Please do stop in and check it out!

You can find this Channel here:

The Poised for Success Freestyle Titling Program YouTube Channel

Please, stop by any or all that are of interest to you!  If you select "Videos", you will see a menu of all of the public videos that are available on that Channel!

If you particularly enjoy any of them, please do leave a "like" and a comment!  I'd love your feedback!

And if you really like any of the channels, please do consider subscribing!

I do create videos on topics by request!  The Clicker Training video on the PFS Titling Channel was created by specific request!  So, if there is a topic you would like to see covered, just let me know and I will see what I can do!

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