Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tessa Got a Le La Ru Award!!!!

High on my list of things I thought that Tessa and I could never possibly accomplish together . . . Tessa got a Le La Ru Award for our submission to the Dance Into Spring Event for the Dogs Can Dance Challenge!

The Le La Ru Award is given to the team who earns the highest score of the event.

Anyone who has followed this blog knows that Freestyle has never been Tessa's particular passion.  She is my Agility girl, always and forever!

In fact, many years ago, a WCFO judge commented that Tessa and I were "not a Freestyle team", but "an Agility team".

Well . . . she was wrong.   We are BOTH!!

Yes, I brought some of her Agility into this particular routine.  After all, it was created - mostly by Tessa - to showcase the best of Tessa.  And part of that is always going to be her jumping.

Incidentally, this is also the routine with which we got our WCFO Intermediate title last November (but the video is NOT from that event - it was filmed for the Challenge and it is my property to share).

Here is the video of our performance, BTW . . .

This one really was all Tessa's!!

Here are some of my favorite comments!  Actually, these are my favorite scoresheets of all time!

"This was a super performance!  The choreography honored the dog, matched the music perfectly, and built to an exciting crescendo.  Best incorporation of jumps into a dance that I've seen."

"Super teamwork!  Both team members were attuned to each other throughout the performance.  Their exuberance came through to the audience."

"Smart use of moves that Tessa obviously loves, to bring up her energy and put her heart into it."

"It was clear that you know your girl very well, and how to help her succeed.  It was lovely watching your respect and love for her.  It looks like she loves to dance with her Mom."

"Two gals out on the town.  I loved it!  The pace changes and choreography were really New Yorkish."

"The big apple props were very appealing . . ."

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!  It is beyond amazing to get comments like that on a routine with Tessa!!

Her score was 152 points!  That is high!!

This may not be the "big one" that we have been working for all these years, but it is an absolutely delightful and unexpected surprise that makes me every bit as happy!

Tessa and I will have to keep creating and performing together, after all!!

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