Friday, October 16, 2015

The Nicest Compliment

Tessa and I got the nicest compliment at Agility class last night.  Our regular instructor was out sick so we had a substitute.  The sub was actually someone that I know quite well, and see often, but she hadn't seen Tessa run Agility in a long time.

We followed a super fast Border Collie.  I was kind of laughing to myself because that Border Collie ran the course twice in the amount of time it would take Tessa and I to do it once!  That doesn't upset me.  I accept Tessa's moderate pace as part of who she is, and I appreciate her consistency that usually makes up for her lack of super speed.

Still, the comparison in my mind between that dog who ran like lightning, compared to Tessa who would glide, not fly, through the course, amused me.

I didn't say anything, though, we just went out and ran.

Well, the instructor, who, as I said, hadn't seen Tessa run in quite some time, was really impressed by her!  And she said to us, "She is so HAPPY!!!"  She said it in a tone that made it clear that Tessa's joy on the course has grown substantially since the last time she had watched Tessa run.

That was the best compliment we could have received.  I was thrilled that Tessa actually ran a little faster than usual.  And I was pleased that she did a couple of rear crosses.  And I was extremely happy that she did consistent weaves that were faster than her usual.

But that wasn't what the instructor saw.  She saw Tessa out there being happy.

And there is nothing - absolutely nothing - that means more to me!

Of course I want Q's.  And I want titles.  And I want success.  But I want Tessa to have the greatest possible joy most of all.

That was absolutely the best compliment ever!

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