Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Verbal Experiment Report #1

I took some time to do the work with Tessa that I was planning and it was . . . interesting.

First thing I observed was that no matter how softly I said the word "eyes", when Tessa made eye contact, hearing the verbal caused her immediately to shift her eyes away from me.

Just for fun I tried it out with Dean and it worked like a dream.  Within minutes I was saying "eyes" as he looked at me and he was riveting his eyes toward me with an expression that plainly wanted more, more, MORE of whatever we were doing!

Not Tessa.

She's good until she hears me make a sound and then she focuses her attention very pointedly elsewhere.


I'm thinking of trying again with a different word.  Maybe "the sound of 'eyes'" is confusing to her.  I don't know . . .

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