Friday, May 9, 2014

The First Day

The puppies slept straight through until around 8:00 AM when I woke up on my own and took them out to potty.  I fed them, gave them a brief play period, and then they went back in the crate so I could sleep some more.  They seemed to understand the concept of going to sleep while I was sleeping and that was appreciated!

I got up later in the morning and we had more play time.  Reed was still with us and it was definitely busy keeping up with two young puppies!!  Dean and Tessa were very subdued.  Neither seemed happy about the tiny interlopers and neither would engage with either of them.

I realized quickly that I needed several things - a baby gate to block off the laundry room, some big plastic tubs to put small items into for future put-away, a proper sized collar for Diego, and a few other things.  So, after a good long playtime, I put the puppies in the crate for a nap (Ben was home) and I headed out to do some shopping.

I found Diego the cutest collar!  It's a lupine and the pattern is Candy Apple.  They only make it in the smaller dog patterns, so I am happy to be able to have one of these for him for a while.  It's adorable!

After I got back from shopping, Reed's owner came to get him.  We waited outside and I took some pictures of the two together.

Although the two of them were quite a lot to handle, I was glad to have Reed with us for a night and part of a day.  I think it helped Diego settle in better.  By the time Reed left Diego was familiar with us and our home and Dean Dog and Tessa.

Then we were on our own.  Picture time!

First Dandelion Photo:

This is a big yard to explore!

I love this photo!  Even though it is of his backside, somehow his personality comes through!

Settling in with a new dog is always strange, and having such a small puppy was completely unfamiliar territory.  But we did OK and spent the evening settling in with our new little guy.  We were both tired, but very happy to finally have Diego home with us.

Of course he doesn't take the place of the boys we lost this winter.  I still miss Sammie and Speedy.  Sometimes I still think, "Speedy was supposed to still be here!"

But in a way life hasn't been this right since January 11th.  We have something back now.  He is a totally different dog, but he has brought back a sense of joy and hope and looking forward.

I knew from the time Ben picked him up and he gave all of those kisses that it would be this way.

And in spite of the sadness and loss of this long, cold, horrendous, frozen winter, I do know now that everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

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