Monday, May 19, 2014


I spent a good amount of time this past weekend just observing Mr. Bandit.  I am amazed by him.  But I am also amazed by the degree to which I am amazed!

I have done a lot of really big-deal things with my dogs.  Speedy overcame extreme fear to eventually dance in front of audiences and love it.  Tessa went from being semi-feral to a beloved member of our household.  Dean has accomplished many things in spite of his noise phobia and severe anxiety.  Maddie overcame abandonment.

And even after all of that, I sit here and watch the puppy learn the littlest life things and I am absolutely fascinated!  This morning he went out all by himself with Dean and Tessa to do his business and it means as much to me as anything that any of my other dogs have accomplished.  I guess it's because he is such a baby and he is learning so much so fast, and most of it is just happening naturally.

I really do know now that everything happened exactly as it was supposed to.

And as every day goes by I love this little guy more and more.

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