Monday, April 21, 2014


I haven't blogged in several weeks because we have had quite a difficult time this month.

Several weeks ago Sammie, who had been doing a good deal better since the weather had started to get warmer, became suddenly ill.

I don't even have the heart to describe how it all went down right now, but maybe someday I will.

On Wednesday, April 9th I made the decision to let him go.  He was 14 and 1/2 years old - going on 15 in August.

I've had a very rough time with this one.  In some ways it has been more difficult than losing Speedy.  That is odd because Speedy and I were much, much closer, but in a lot of ways it makes sense, too.  Sammie was our first dog and he was with us the longest.  And Sammie was the last of our original crew - Sammie, Speedy, and Maddie Lynn.  In a way, losing him really means they are all gone now.  And losing him so soon after Speedy made it much, much more difficult.

I can't say he died too young - he really had lived out his life.  But I'm still very upset by the whole thing.

Yesterday was Easter and I found that I just couldn't help thinking about this past Christmas.  I really went all out to make it a nice Christmas for the dogs this last time.  I got them presents to open and it was all just very nice.  I did it up extra special for them because I knew Sammie and Speedy were getting older and I didn't know how many more Christmas's they would have left.  I had no idea they would both be gone by Easter.

Within just 4 months we lost half of our dogs.

I just kept wishing that everything could be the way it was before this horrible, horrible winter.

So, it was a sad Easter, in spite of being an absolutely gorgeous day.  I did take Tessa and Dean out to King's Gap and we had a really nice hike together.  They both got a little ham at dinner time.

Life moves on and I am excited over the news of my coming-soon-puppy.

But I'm missing my black and white boys something awful.


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