Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Big Milestone for Tessa

On Sunday Tessa and I caught up to Maddie in our CPE Agility progression.

The farthest that Maddie and I got was one Level 5 Colors Q.  On Sunday Tessa and I earned our first Level 5 Q, also in Colors!

I am super proud of my girl!

I have always regretted that Maddie and I didn't have time to earn our C-ATCH title together.  Granted, hers would have been a CT-ATCH, but that's neither here nor there.

Now I understand why Maddie and I didn't do it.  This is for Tessa.  This is going to be something big and special that Tessa and I do together.

Maddie will always be a part of that.  I would not be the handler that I am right now if not for Maddie.  I wouldn't even have loved the sport of Agility if not for Maddie.  And I would not have been prepared to train Tessa as quickly and as well as I was able to if I hadn't had to work as hard as I did to learn how to train Maddie.

But this honor rightly belongs to Tessa.  My beautiful and fun girl who absolutely adores this game.

Just for fun, though, a look back at Maddie's one and only Level 5 Q:

And . . . the lovely Miss Tessa, as we officially reach the Level where Maddie and I, most unfortunately, had to leave off.

I am very proud of my girl.  She has come so far and amazing doesn't even describe what this has been!

I will be honored to earn a C-ATCH title with Tessa.

Granted, we have a ways to go!  3 more Level 3 Q's, 26 more Level 4 Q's, and 39 more Level 5 Q's!  And 19 of those are going to have to be Standard!!

But I am eager to take the rest of this ride with Tessa.  She truly is my perfect Agility partner.

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