Monday, March 31, 2014

Tessa's First Rally Trial

Yesterday I took Dean and Tessa to Kamp Kitty in Falling Waters, West Virginia, for a World Cynosport Rally competition.  It was actually the first time I have competed in this venue since it changed over from APDT to World Cynosport.  So far, other than the button in the center of the placement ribbons, all was the same.

I had Dean entered in Level 1, Level 2, and Veteran's.  All Tessa is eligible for is Level 1, so that's what she and I did.

Crating is very tight in this venue.  I had hoped to find a place to squeeze in my portable crate, but that was not possible.  They did offer me use of a large metal crate that was standing on its own (not in a row of crates) down at the end of the room.  I didn't think Tessa would go into it.  Not only has she never gotten into a metal crate, but the last time I tried to have her get into one, she very clearly refused.  To my surprise, when Dean went in, Tessa followed him and settled right down.  No issue!  As far as I was concerned, this was Tessa's biggest accomplishment of the day!

Level 1 was first and Dean ran before Tessa.  He did a really nice job.  It was actually one of the nicest runs he has ever done.  He was focused and comfortable, and he just did a really nice job.  He earned a 207 for the run.  I have a video.  It was a self-video and the beginning is cut off, but most of the run is visible.  This is best viewed maximized.

Tessa was up next - just three dogs later!  She did a fine job in her live competition Rally debut!!  She was a little laggy here and there, but even her weakest heeling was much improved!  And she had some moments of heeling brilliance!!

She did her sits!  She did stand up as I was feeding her on the sit of a sign that was married to a left pivot and I momentarily got confused about what to do.  I ended up doing a retry that I really didn't need to do, but it was still a good decision because what I should have done really wasn't in my mind!

Other than that, her run was flawless!!  She sat everywhere I needed her to.  She just did a really nice job!  She is always so much fun.  I truly enjoyed doing this with her.

Tessa earned a 204 and got 3rd Place!!  She got a really, really pretty yellow placement ribbon!

Dean did well in his first Veteran's run.  Another 207.  He was the only A dog, so he got first place.

Finally, Dean had his Level 2 run, but it didn't go very well.  He got very stressed part way through.  The pressure was dropping outside as a snowstorm was moving in and he responded like it was thunder.  Nothing we could do about it, we scratched the run about halfway through.  It was a good decision.  No need to stress him unnecessarily.

After that, I brought Tessa back in and the two of them snoozed away while Level 3 was run.

It was a really nice day.  I'd like to finish Dean's RL1X (just need 2 more Level 1 Q's) and get his Vet's title.  And I definitely want to get Tessa's Level 1 title and go on to play Level 2 with her.  Some Rally training is in order this summer to make that happen!

Good stuff!

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