Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Never Had the Chance

Speedy was my go-to demo dog for my online classes.  There were things that I would have Dean and Tessa demo, but I almost always defaulted to Speedy, especially when I wanted to demonstrate a "finished product" behavior.

Of course, now I no longer have that option.

And I realize that in many ways I have never given Dean or Tessa the chance to become as fluent as they could be in many areas.  I know there were times I would try something with one of them and decide, "oh, I just need Speedy!"  Speedy was always willing and eager and he almost always did a perfect job.

Yesterday I needed to video a demo and Dean was leaping around as he did the demo.  I really wanted a more polished picture, but he was really my only option for what we were doing.  As we worked, he settled in and stopped leaping so much.  Had Speedy still been with me, Dean never would have had the chance to settle in and show that he really could do it.

Now, this isn't universal.  Obviously, there were times when I would have Dean or Tessa do the demo for me.

But one consolation about losing Speedy is that I will now work with both of them to improve on their training and performance ability.

Now they will both have the chance.  And we shall see where we go . . .

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