Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Tessa is really improving!  Last night we got together with friends to practice for the competition this coming weekend and Tessa's skills are really coming along!  She actually backed up on her own at one point and waited for me to return to her, and then we did a lateral (her moving toward me) with her in right heel!

Tessa's best skill right now is finding position!  She is scooting herself right into heel or side and she clearly understands what I want and is happy to be able to do what I ask!

I love Tessa.  She has such an attitude of fun.  But it's more than that.  An attitude of fun can be frustrating if the dog has no focus or understanding of the task at hand.  Tessa is putting her whole mind into trying to figure out what I want her to do!  It is such a beautiful combination!

Something has changed with her recently.  Maybe my attitude toward her has changed since losing Speedy and she senses it and is rising to the occasion.  Or maybe the extra training that we have done these past few months is starting to bear good fruit.  Or maybe it's just a natural progression of her development.

Regardless, I am most pleased with the way she is coming along.  It means a lot to me right now.

I know we are going to enjoy our weekend, no matter what the result.  I can go into the ring knowing that our skills are a work in progress and that if they aren't quite ready right now, they will be very soon!

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