Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our Skills List

I know . . . this is insane!!  This is a lot of skills!!  Many are from Rally FrEe, some from Freestyle, some Rally.  I don't actually even have Agility skills on here!!  I guess an addendum is in order!!

Both dogs have at least a start on almost all of these.  Some are near fluent, some have a ways to go!  Some are fluent for Dean, but not for Tessa.

The goal for all skills is verbal cue, unless otherwise indicated.  Many of these are actually completed, but on hand cue.

Find Heel
Find Side
Find Center
Find Follow
Find Alternate Position
Duration Heel
Duration Side
Duration Center
Duration Follow
Duration Alternate Position
Sit from Stand
Sit from Down
Down from Sit
Down from Stand
Stand from Sit
Stand from Down
Curtsy from Stand
Stand Wait while I move around to/from any position
Clockwise Circle around me
Counter Clockwise circle around me
Clockwise Spin
Counter Clockwise spin
Weave Thru to/from any possible positions
Continual weave – walking and figure 8
Switch Backs
Paw raise sitting (all positions)
Paw raise standing (all positions)
Pivots in heel/side
Pivots in center
Pivots in follow
Sidepass Toward in position
Sidepass Away in position
Sidepass in Center
Sidepass in Follow
Backing in position
Backing away in front w/handler moving
Backing away in front alone
Back Around
Distance Behavior
Back Thru Moving
Turn Back Thru
Four Tricks Per Dog (beyond skills listed here)
Sit-Stay, I walk away turn and face
Down-Stay, I walk away turn and face
Stand-Stay, I walk away turn and face
Call to Front stand-wait
Call to Front sit-wait
Weave to front
Triple About Turns
Send to Target-Wait (standing)
Send to Target – Sit
Send to Target – Down
Dean Only:
Call Front Angled w/sit
Offset Jump
Drop on Recall
Moving Stand Walk Around (No Pause)
Moving Stand Leave Dog (turn to face)  (No Pause)
Moving Stand Leave Dog Turn – Down – Sit
Bonus Retrieve
Stand with Distraction
Agility Addendum
Send Out - 10 Feet
Independent Weaves (12 for Tessa, 6 for Dean)
Rear Cross
Dean: Retrain contacts
Tessa: Send ahead to anything

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