Saturday, February 1, 2014

Goal Setting Workshop and New Online Classes!

I am so happy that it is finally February!  Between the severe arctic chills we have endured in January and losing Speedy, it will be a very, very long time before I have any positive associations with January again.

But a new month, a new beginning, and new things to look forward to.

I have enrolled in a new round of online classes through the Fenzi Academy.  Dean and I are taking Body Awareness through Targeting at gold!  And Tessa and I are doing Precision Heeling at bronze.  I am going to enjoy both classes, I am certain!

And there is a free workshop on goal setting happening on the Cyber Rally-O list, which I intend to take part in.

The first task of the workshop was to create a "wish list" of goals.  Here is mine - it is quite extensive!


  • Train all exercises needed for Advanced Rally FrEe, including those that are weak from Intermediate and Novice Level.  
  • Train all desired exercises from Cyber Rally Level 3.  She is fine on most, but there are likely a few that could use some training.
  • Prepare and train a really good Intermediate Freestyle routine for WCFO.
  • Prepare and train a really good Novice HTM routine for WCFO, with hands behind my back as part of the choreography.
  • Prepare and train a really good routine for the DCD Challenge.  This can be a modification of a WCFO routine and can be for any category.  Tessa has not stood out in the Challenge - it's time!
  • For Agility, solidify weave poles, and build sends.

Dean Dog:

  • Train exercises yet untrained or unfinished for WCR Rally Level 3.
  • Train all remaining exercises desired for Cyber Rally Level 3 (work through Level 2 Traditional, if necessary, to build fluency and skill)
  • Train all exercises needed for Advanced Rally FrEe, including those that are weak from Intermediate and Novice Levels.
  • Agility:  Keep having fun, plan that summer NADAC day at Periland just for Dean
  • Create a routine for the DCD Challenge that really showcases Dean.  Any category.
  • Create a routine for the new RFE Freestyle for Dean and enter a video event with it.  The same routine can be used for both if I am able to choreograph one that meets criteria for both.  Otherwise, two separate routines will be prepared.
  • Continue physical therapy to keep him active for many, many years to come.
That is quite a lot, but I believe that the legwork for a good bit of it can be combined.  Many of the skills from Rally FrEe and Freestyle overlap.

Honestly, I believe that my goals really do boil down to:
  • Train/Build Fluency for new or weak skills
  • Choreograph Routines
I am thinking that what I need to do is compile a list for both dogs of all skills that we need to work on.  It is going to be massive.  Perhaps I will assess those by fluency level. Something like:  Needs Complete Training, Started, but not Known, Close to Fluent, and Fluent.

Then I believe it would be a good strategy to go back and do what I did with Speedy years and years and years ago.  Print the items, cut them into squares, put them into a container, and draw out 2 - 3 of them several times a week to work on.

I know that others would find that it makes more sense to focus on one skill at a time, but that has never really been my way.

Once we have more of the pieces in place, the choreography will be a pleasure!!

So, next on the agenda - skill lists!!

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