Friday, November 15, 2013

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight!!

Tonight we are filming for the World Wide Video competition!  I am excited, and slightly apprehensive.  I am really NOT ready!

Granted, if we don't get a usable take, we won't enter.  Still, I really do want to be part of this.  Also, I would like to finish off Speedy's Alt-Novice title.

Speedy is simply out of practice.  Since he doesn't go to a class anymore, he rarely gets to train.  He knows everything that we will do on this course, but his skills are rusty.

Still, we will go, have fun with it, and do our best.  He is, after all 12 years old and retired!

For his Free Choices, I plan to use a pose where I kneel down and he puts his paw on my knee, a simultaneous twirl, and a stand walk-around.  For the fourth, I just may let him do a couple of leg weaves!  Just one time won't hurt anything!  If I elect not to use the leg weaves, I might have him get up on his hind legs with his paws on my arm.  He likes that.

Tessa's back around and front laterals are going to be hit or miss.  She really should be able to do everything else, but those two are a shot in the dark!  I still have the props from her Freestyle competition in the car, so I think I will use both of them on the course!  She can do a figure 8 jump over the jump prop and a pivot on the pivot platform.  In addition, I will probably have her do a simultaneous twirl and a sit and then put each paw on my knee, in turn.  She should rock her Free Choices!!

I know I will enjoy myself when we get there and start filming.  It is, after all, quality time with the dogs.  And it is always fun to take Speedy.

I will post videos once I have them!

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