Monday, November 4, 2013

On a More Positive Note!!

Now that I got that last post out of my system, I am in a very positive frame of mind about something else.  Rally FrEe!!

The way is free and clear now to our next event - the Rally FrEe competition that we are hosting in March!  Tessa needs one more leg of Intermediate and I know she and I can get ready for that, even if we are catching training time by hook or by crook!!

I wasn't originally going to try for Advanced with Dean by March, but now I say "what the heck!"  I think over December I am going to go through the Bridging the Gap exercises in depth, using Rally FrEe with Dean.  I think going for Advanced at our event in March is a very reasonable goal for him.  He can crate out of the car at that time of year and that will make it do-able!

Really all we have to do is finish off most of the exercises.  I've not trained an alternate position with him, but that won't be difficult.  We started backward weaves, if he gets his circle back, then me moving won't be a difficult addition.  He has had the basis of turn and back under for eons.  Really, it is a matter of finishing this off.

The bigger challenge for him is comfort level in a live competition environment.  Well . . . it's now or never!  I say we go for it!  We have the tools.  It's time to see how far we can take the progress we have made in recent months!

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