Thursday, October 17, 2013

Strange Dream

I had the strangest dream two nights ago.  We were all down at the Outer Banks - Sammie, Speedy, Dean Dog, and Tessa were with us, and we were doing things and having a great time.  And then, when we were outside the cottage where we stay, I suddenly thought, "we forgot Maddie!"  Here we had been running around without her the whole time and I had completely forgotten her.

I went into the cottage and I found her stuck inside a pull out sofa bed (which isn't actually there).  She jumped out, wiggling and wagging, and we went out to the yard and she and Dean ran around and around and around.  I thought it was so nice for Dean because he hasn't had anyone to do that with since she died.

Somehow in the dream I knew it wasn't real, but it sort of was.  It was just . . . odd.

One might say that maybe I feel guilty because I've forgotten about her, but I really haven't.  I think of her just about every day.  I don't dwell on it, but I often smile over something she used to do or something she used to love.  Sometimes Tessa reminds me of her.  I always joke that in those last months they were together, Maddie told Tessa all of her secrets!!  Of course the two of them are very different, but they have always shared some things in common.

I guess strange dreams are just that . . . She must have been on my mind in particular.

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