Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Last night we had an awesome Rally FrEe class!  Both Tessa and Dean are really making some nice breakthroughs in their training!

Dean went to the line with so much enthusiasm and he was eager to set up to go!  That is great to see!  He is focused and eager and I love his attitude!

He struggled a bit on a back around off the right on the first turn, but the second time he did it on hand target only!  On our second round, we practiced a backward weave as a Free Choice!  That is very new and he is doing a great job with it!  His 360 left pivots were perfection!  And he is doing OK with backing up in left heel.  That is tough for him since there seems to be a physical reason why he backs crooked.  But he really did do a nice job.  As long as he moves with me, it will be fine!

Through it all, he was focused and happy with the perfect level of drive!  It was nice!

Tessa also had a great class.  I did have to use a lure on the back around, but on the second try, I let her offer the backwards movement, only luring the turns.  She did well with it.  A little more practice and she is going to be the back-around-queen!!  For Free Choices we did a sit pretty up into her standing on her hind legs and a jump over my arm!  Flashy stuff!  She is really coming along!  Her pivots are also getting to be super nice and her backing in heel really solid!  Even with people sitting along the gate where she was backing up, she was focused and happy to work!

I was proud of my Rally FrEe dogs last night!  They really are very close to being proficient on most of the Intermediate exercises!  Still need to work laterals and finish some of these other behaviors off, but all in all I am very pleased with notable progress!!

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