Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cyber Rally Fun

Dean, Tessa, and Speedy have all enjoyed some Cyber Rally fun in recent months.  Speedy, of course, earned his CRO-I back in August.

Dean is now working on Level 2 and he actually did his best run ever for his second Level 2 leg.  Here is a video of his run . . .

I really, really like some of the Level 2 exercises, especially those that cannot be found in any other type of Rally - the Figure 8 Jump, the spin, and, of course, the side transitions.

And, of course, I love his attitude during the run.

As Tessa and I were filming for Level 1, I realized that she is ready now to jump into Level 2.  She does not know all of the Level 2 exercises, but she knows enough to do some of the courses.  Everything on this particular course - 8P - was familiar to her, so I gave Tessa a turn, as well.  She earned her first Level 2 leg on this run . . .

While she has now begun working toward her Level 2 title, I am also working with her toward her Level 1 Championship.  This is broken up into smaller parts.  We need 5 more Q's to get our CRO-I (2) and then 5 more for CRO-I (3) and then 5 more for CRO-1 (4) and then, finally, 5 more for CRO-LI-CH.

As of right this minute we have 3 Q's toward our CRO-I (2), but I have two to submit that might finish it up. 

Tessa's second leg toward her CRO-I(2) was a particularly nice run . . . 

Last night we filmed another Level 1 course and Tessa did some really, really beautiful movement.

A big part of the reason why I am doing this with her is for overall confidence building and ring experience.  I think it is definitely helping with both!  Also, we are having fun with it.

I am looking forward to doing more Level 2 work with both of them in the near future.

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