Monday, July 22, 2013

At the Beach!

We are on our yearly beach trip and having a really nice time.  We have all four dogs with us this year.

It is rather bittersweet.  I am seeing Speedy's age catch up with him in a lot of ways.  Yesterday as we drove down, he spent almost the entire ride with his head down on the arm rest in between Ben and me!  He has never been a touchy-feely dog, and this was very out of character for him.  He really seemed to just like sleeping between us.

He is a bit gimpy in one of his front paws.  We will definitely be making an appointment with his chiropractor when we get home.  But while we are here, we will manage it as best we can and give him as much beach play time as he can handle!

Honestly, I don't know if I will ever enjoy the beach again after he is gone.  I hope he has several more years and many more beach trips left in him, but I know from Maddie two years ago that you really never do know.

Now this isn't ruining the trip or anything.  I have moments where I think about that, but for the most time I am enjoying out time down here.

This morning we took all four dogs to the beach for a bit of play.  They all liked that!

Then, after we came back, Ben decided to nap, so I took Speedy, Dean, and Tessa - on my own - to the James Farm Ecological Preserve aka the "Jellyfish Beach"!!

We had a really nice time!  I was a little worried about Speedy's leg, but he managed just fine.  We had a nice hike through the woods and then the three of them played and played in the bay!

Some fun photos . . . 

Speedy, always happy to share in an adventure!

Dean Dog playing in the bay!

Miss Tessa having a blast in the water!

Looking forward to more doggie water play this evening . . .!


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