Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Return of Walking Club

The long cold winter finally seems to have exited the building.  A few days this week have been downright hot!  I'm not complaining, though!  I'm a summer person and I'll take hot over any degree of cold any day of the week!

With the return of good weather, Speedy, Tessa, and I set out on Monday after school for our first hike of the season.  We walked on one of our favorite trails.  It's a nice, easy meander up a hill, following a pretty little stream.  There are a lot of wooden footbridges and both dogs enjoy trotting over those.

The trail is a 1.8 mile loop.  We have never actually walked the entire loop because Speedy always seems to start to tire before we get to the mid-point, and I don't want to push him too much.  We have walked the loop in both directions, and have never met up with the farthest we have been in the other direction.

This is actually something I would like to accomplish someday.  I'm thinking I might head out there on a really nice day and take Dean and Tessa along.  Both of them should be able to walk almost two miles without any issues.

It was good to get started for this year.  Speedy and I are both terribly out of shape.  Tessa seems to have maintained her fitness level quite nicely.

I don't normally do this, but I did end up letting both of them off leash when we were well along the trial.  They both stay very close, and Tessa was having a blast, running into the stream, and then running along next to us, following the path of the water!  It was like she had found her own "Tessa Chute" and she was very obviously delighted with her discovery!  I didn't take my camera this time, but sometime I have to get some video of that!

We had a nice time and I am looking forward to going again.  Maybe today, even.  We don't have Agility tonight and it would be a good outing for all.

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