Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Something New . . . .

I love teaching.  I love Freestyle.  I enjoy the heck out of the internet and I have participated in many internet based classes, both formal and informal, as student and discussion leader.  Now I am going to put all of that together and try my hand at teaching online Freestyle classes!

This simply occurred to me several weeks ago.  I was thinking about what I could do in the summertime to earn some supplemental income that I would be able to do from home.  Not only is this something that I can do from home, but it is something that every one of my dogs can take an active part in!  Perfect!

I believe there is a niche for this sort of class.  There are many who do not have access to a class locally.  Some may have access to classes, but cannot attend due to scheduling, cost, or having a dog who cannot handle being in a class for one reason or another.  And so many of us use the internet now for blogs, groups, videos, and every manner of communication!

So, I formally introduce . . . . Poised for Success!!!

I made the website just yesterday - my first ever website!  It isn't finished yet.  I barely have any information on there.  But it is enough to get this kicked off.

Hopefully it will turn into something good!

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